Your Winter Safety Guide

December 7, 2020

As the weather cools down and holiday decorations go up this December, there are increased risks for house fires. Follow these tips to ensure a happy and safe holiday season. 

Holiday decorating tips:

  • Choose decorations that are flame-resistant or flame-retardant. 
  • If you light candles, always be mindful when you leave a room. Keep open flames away from home furnishings, holiday decorations, and your Christmas tree. 
  • Some lights are certified as indoor only or outdoor only. Incorrect usage may lead to potential hazards.
  • When hanging lights, use clips, not nails so cords do not get damaged and become dangerous. 

Tips for family members: 

  • Keep children and pets away from lit candles. Always remember to blow candles out when you exit a room.
  • Matches and lighters should be kept up high and in a locked cabinet. 
  • When cooking your holiday meal, do not leave the stove top unattended – even for a short period of time. 
  • If you have a real Christmas tree in your home, be sure to water it frequently to prevent it from drying out. While not as common as candle fires, tree-related fires are much more likely to be deadly.


National Fire Protection Association


Image from Pexels