Insurance for Your College Student

Your car is overflowing with boxes, suitcases, and bags, while the back seat is piled high with bedding and pillows. Your child is heading off to college. Whether it’s their first or fourth year, living away from home can be scary for many students and parents.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, burglaries account for approximately 50% of all on-campus crimes. However, protecting your child’s belongings is just one example of what your insurance could cover.

  • Students who live on campus and their belongings are likely covered under your standard homeowners insurance policy.
  • Create an inventory of expensive items your student is taking to school. An up-to-date list will speed up insurance claims.
  • Students who live off campus will likely need renters insurance.
  • Consider a renters policy to protect your student’s belongings in an off-campus house or apartment.
  • Electronics might have a stand-alone insurance policy. Your child’s smartphone, laptop, or other expensive electronics might offer insurance at the time of purchase. These stand-alone policies may come in handy if the electronics are lost, stolen, or broken.
  • Review your car insurance policy. You might need an out-of-state policy if your student attends a school in a different state. If your student leaves their car at home, you could be eligible for a premium discount.



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