Be aware of increased risk around the holidays

Colorful lights, joyful music, and the smell of sugar cookies waft through the air as millions of people flood stores and malls across the world in search of the perfect gift. It’s a sign the holiday season is in full swing. However, this cheerful time can make some say “Bah, Humbug” if they don’t prepare for the elevated property and casualty risks.

According to PropertyCasualty360, fire risks are common during this time of year. Many people will light scented candles, overload extension cords, and leave their Christmas tree lights on without watering the tree enough.

However, you might be surprised to learn that fire is not the top insurance risk during the holiday season. Continue reading below to learn about the most common holiday claims, including each category’s percentage of Christmas Day claims.

  1. Damaged goods: 10%
    1. Gifts are a major part of the holidays; be aware of the potential damage caused while shipping any gifts.
  2. Shipping accidents: 9%
    1. Shipping accidents are serious incidents, such as a vessel collision or a ship grounding.
  3. Water damage: 8%
    1. Water damage can be more common around the holidays due to the temperature, potentially causing issues like frozen or burst pipes, ice damage, and boiler leakage.
  4. Faulty maintenance or craftsmanship: 8%
    1. Be aware of faulty maintenance and craftsmanship around the holidays. This category can include things like structures collapsing and faulty product manufacturing and maintenance.
  5. Crimes like burglary and vandalism: 7%
    1. Be extra vigilant regarding your home’s security and safety around the holidays. Burglars look for opportunities to steal your decorations or gifts.
  6. Bodily injury: 6%
    1. This time of year, especially in the Midwest, there is always the potential for snow and ice storms creating a higher risk of bodily injury.
  7. Fire or explosion: 5%
    1. We all like to eat home-cooked meals around the holidays, but be careful to protect yourself from any cooking accidents.
  8. Defective product: 4%
    1. We all buy gifts this time of year, but before wrapping and putting them under the tree, ensure the products are working properly and always make sure you install the correct batteries!
  9. Natural disasters: 3%
    1. Christmas weather can be extreme, depending on where you live or travel. Be safe!
  10. Machinery failure: 3%
    1. This category includes damage to machinery, factory hardware, and shipping vehicles.